Lucas is a ‘hit’ with Lincoln’s Ambulance Crews

School News 4th Nov 2020

Sunday 1st November was National Hitters Day and we are part of a random act of kindness group called ‘Hit The Ambulance’.

We drove around Gainsborough looking for any ambulances parked up, but didn’t find any. Went to the ambulance station, all quiet. So, we headed to Lincoln and we managed to ‘hit’ five ambulances, one rapid response car and one police car with bags of treats, including cakes, choccy, sweets and pens.


Lucas is now an ambassador for the group and he loves doing it.


Just spreading the love to these paramedics and policemen who have a tough job at any time but especially now. Showing them how much they are appreciated may only be a small thing, but it can make their day.

We managed to hit the ambulance station in Gainsborough a bit later on and they were so thankful. We took them tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, celebrations, maltesers and choccy fingers. They do such a wonderful job all year round but this year especially has been so much more difficult for them.

We have also just started collecting items to make them a hamper for Christmas and will also be dropping one round at the fire station too.