Attacking vs Defending

Humanities 12th Nov 2019

Last week’s History lesson was aimed at giving students a sense of what trench warfare was like, particularly looking at the difficulties of attacking a trench vs defending one. Students were able to re-enact a battle scene in a safe and controlled environment in which all students followed instructions from myself and Mr Stephenson very well.

Another element to the lesson was looking at advancements in tactics from the start of the war to the end of the war. In the first wave of attacks students had to walk slowly towards the enemy trench whereas in the second wave, students were allowed to use advanced tactics to move across No Man’s Land.

The lesson was finished with a reflective writing task on the experiences of soldiers during trench warfare and an explanation about why attacking a trench is harder than defending one.

We hope that the students have enjoyed the lesson and taken gained some valuable information from it. We are going to be giving students that were involved a questionnaire to fill in about how they would improve the activity and what they have taken from it. We will also be asking students who didn’t take part why this was the case in the questionnaire.