Attendance Update

School News 25th Nov 2019

The Gainsborough Academy are 1.6% up this week on attendance vs. last year! Let’s keep going and see if we can do even better by the end of term!

Eight tutor groups have achieved over 95% attendance this week and ten are still above 95% for the year so far!! 8.4 top of the leaderboard at 99.1% for the week and 9.1 are still in the lead for year so far with 97.7%!

Well Done everyone, keep it up!!

Fact of the Week – Every school has a link to an Education and Welfare Officer (EWO). Their aim is to reduce unnecessary absences from school by offering support and help to pupils, parents and schools. A school must make a referral to Education Welfare Service when a pupils’ attendance becomes a concern.