The Gainsborough Academy Careers Education and Guidance

Mrs J. Phillips – Assistant Principal & Careers Lead

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Statutory Duty

The duty on schools to secure independent careers guidance for all year 7-13 pupils is intended to expand advice and guidance for young people so they are inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential. Schools should help every pupil develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers. Inspiring every pupil through more real-life contacts with the world of work can help them understand where different choices can take them in the future.

All registered pupils should be able to access independent careers guidance from Year 7 to Year 11.

They must ensure that the independent careers guidance provided is presented in an impartial manner and includes information on the range of education or training options, including Apprenticeships and other vocational pathways.

The guidance given will promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given.

The Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance at the Gainsborough Academy is coordinated by Mrs Phillips, Assistant Principal, HOY and SE staff.

These colleagues will be available to provide you with careers education, information and guidance to help you realise and fulfil your potential.

Colleagues are located on the first floor near the library and are available to discuss:

  • Further Education – colleges and training in the area including apprenticeships.
  • Higher Education – advice on entry into a University and the UCAS process, student finance and alternative HE routes and schemes.
  • Labour Market – advice and information on entering the world of work, labour market trends, skills and qualifications suitable for different careers as well as CV and application workshops.

The independent and impartial Advice and Guidance is provided by the Schools Support Adviser for Lincolnshire and colleagues from Complete Careers. Colleagues are attending the Academy at least once a week and is providing advice and guidance on a rolling programme in KS4. Colleagues are also available for one to one meetings.

We regularly review our Careers programme through termly meetings to discuss actions and events based on what has been arranged by the careers staff and also through the Pastoral Teams.  The Careers teams now use a specific tracker to capture all events they arrange through assemblies and workshops so that the Senior Leadership team can keep a strategic overview of all careers related activities within the Academy.

The Gainsborough Academy annually review (the next one being April 2021) the careers education on offer through the Compass Tool * which is used to inform planning and identify priorities for the following academic year.

The Academy has produced a careers strategy which is aligned to the Gatsby Benchmarks and includes priorities identified through the Compass Tool.

We currently are broadly in line with national averages of those pupils who leave the Gainsborough Academy not in education, training or employment. This is an area in which we are continually striving to improve.  Our destination data is also used to inform trips, visits and external stakeholder involvement within the Academy.

Year 7

  • Introduction to careers and career pathways assembly in PHSE
  • Qualities and subject preferences in PHSE
  • Gainsborough week
  • Raising aspirations assembly Identifying personal dreams and goals. Skills for the 21st century workplace. Steps to achievement, Managing set-backs.

Year 8

  • Raising aspirations assembly
  • Self-awareness-skills and qualities in PHSE
  • Online careers information sessions in PHSE
  • Gainsborough week
  • Raising aspirations assembly
  • Short, medium and long term goals, Resilience, Employability skills, Career choices, My online ‘footprint’

Year 9

  • Options assembly
  • Careers Guidance interviews
  • Higher Education visit
  • Online careers information sessions
  • Options Evening
  • Gainsborough week
  • Raising aspirations assembly
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses SMART planning

Year 10

  • Employability skills workshop
  • Gainsborough Week
  • HE information and taster days
  • Post 16 options sessions
  • Careers Guidance interviews
  • Raising aspirations assemblyJobs – legislation around work for young people. Managing setbacks/ resilience building Planning for success

Year 11

  • Post 16 options sessions
  • Attendance of all post 16 providers at core options evening and parents evenings with one to one career support and motivational speakers
  • Gainsborough week
  • Careers Guidance interviews
  • CV and application support
  • HE information assemblies
  • University and Student finance talks
  • Raising aspirations assembly
  • Understanding the college application process and plans beyond school
  • Skills for employment and career progression

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