Fabulous Fruity Homework 🍏

School News 8th Sep 2020
Our Y7 students have been impressing Mrs Phillips with their lovely fruit salad homework!

Well done to student Toby for his excellent piece of homework over the weekend.

Well done to student Reggie for another excellent fruit salad homework. He chose melon, grapes, oranges and bananas!

Well done to Molly, with another example of excellent fruit salad homework!

More amazing fruit-themed homework from year 9 with fruit kebabs from Cayden! Well done.
More spectacular fruity creations from Year 7 student Lacey!
Jacks fruit salad included banana, apple, strawberries and melon topped with some Greek-style yoghurt!

Another fantastic fruit salad homework from Jessica!

Zak has also created a fruity sensation.
Well Done to Keegan for his fantastic fruit salad homework! Great Work!