Fantastic Win for Year 7 & 8 Footballers ⚽️

Sport 21st Mar 2019
Tuesday 19th March saw an exciting and confident performance from the mixed Year 7 and 8 team. This was led by the centre midfield Captain Bradley Knight and assisted in midfield by Rhys Dickenson. Both passed with purpose and composure with Brad making driving runs to pierce the opposition defence.

Josh Brocklesby and Cameron Davies sparkled up front each scoring two goals. They linked passes intuitively aided by the sheer pace of Leyton Clark at left mid and the dogged determination and tackling of Cayden Eyre.

Sonny Page on the right-hand side complimented Leyton on the left. Danelius Kazlauskas looked assured at left back, feeding balls through to either side of midfield and Joe Cianco-Dalby at right back looked strong and moved quickly to delay the opposition left midfield.

Antoni Gajos replaced Lewis Hearn as the goalkeeper in the second half and proved to be dependable and confident in the net as was Lewis. Cayden Eyre tackled everything in the middle of the park making that centre midfielder defensive midfielder spot his own.

A magnificent performance by all the boys and a well-deserved win. Great to see some high quality passing football being played by boys in TGA shirts and really enjoyable to watch!.

Mr Mills/ Mr Boucher

TGA 4 – Priory Witham 0

Cameron Davies 2
Rhys Dickenson 1
Bradley Knight 1

Brad Knight
Antoni Gajos
Josh Brocklesby
Danelius Kazlauskas
Rhys Dickinson
Cayden Eyre
Sonny Page
Layton Clark
Danny Ward
Lewis Hearn
Cameron Davies
Tyler Johstone
Joseph Cianco-Dalby