Gainsborough Week – Careers Fair

School News 1st Feb 2019

Students were challenged to think out of the box as part of a Careers Fair demonstration to showcase what is possible The Gainsborough Academy organised the Careers Fair, as part of a whole week aimed at celebrating what is great about the town. It was also intended to inspire students to access help and advice from employers, training providers and advice agencies about their future steps.
Businessman Tim Downing from Pygott and Crone Estate Agents, kicked off the Careers Week with a special presentation.

Mr Downing who is also the Vice Chairman of the Place Board for Invest Gainsborough, is a big advocate for promoting the benefits of the town.

He said: “It’s a privilege to discuss careers with pupils at the Gainsborough Academy. The school is making important steps to help with students’ career progression and I felt enthused when I left the school that students in year 11 seem to be grasping the initiatives that the school is taking.”

As previously reported, businesses and further education providers supported young people in the town by showcasing what career options are available to them.

Kieran Sandal, “An instructor in engineering for Made in Gainsborough said: “We have had a lot of hands-on challenges to encourage students to solve problems by thinking out of the box. With engineering if there is an issue the problem is not always obvious and you have to think of ways to find the answer.”

Sam Bishop and Dan Heywood, workshop managers from Racetoration Limited, based in the town, showcased one of their classic cars, a Triumph TR6.
Sam, a former student of the Academy, said the company regularly visits the Academy and even use the 3D printer when testing some of their designs.

He said: “We do more than restore cars, we do a lot of the design for parts and then ask local companies to produce it for us to be fit into the vehicles. We have had a lot of interest from year 7 about the engineering and development side which has been great.”

Matt Nock a sales engineer from WEFCO said he had many enquiries from students.

He said: “People tend to see us in the town, but they do not always know what we do.
“This was a great opportunity for us to get out and talk to people and highlight all the different types of roles and skills needed to work in the industry.”

Anna Leng, Acting Principal of the Gainsborough Academy said: “Gainsborough has a lot to celebrate and we wanted to share some of that with our students.

“It is important to showcase to our students a whole range of education and employment opportunities to make sure they have all the right information when it comes to making decisions that affect their future. We were delighted to welcome representatives from colleges and universities to talk about the courses available. It was equally important to have businesses represented.

“We have many international businesses whose headquarters are based right here in the town. They are looking out for the next generation of employees to join their teams and it was a platform for these industry experts to talk about the skills they are looking for.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support for both the Careers Fair and the activity taken place throughout Gainsborough Week.”

Student Jack Spinks said: “I managed to find the perfect course for myself, the Careers Fair was a massive opportunity for me to find my successful road as a musician.”

Student Alex Jones said: “There were many routes to choose from and it was very easy to find what I wanted to do and what I had to do to achieve it, the careers Fair was extremely useful.”

School Council President, Betsan Russell, and her classmates Akis Hennessey and Charlee Barber were interested to find out what was on offer.

Betsan said: “I am interested in performing arts and public speaking. The event was great to see what opportunities are available and I think many students found it useful.”
West Lindsey District Council is supporting the free event, which will showcase employment, career guidance and training opportunities.
Cllr Angela White, member champion for Skills and Young People at West Lindsey District Council, attended the academy throughout the day to give presentations.

She said: “I hope this event will increase student’s awareness of their employment possibilities. There was an excellent presentation from Louise Plumtree of the DWP.

She comes into the school to help advise students and spoke about their journey into work. There was also an inspiring talk by another ex-student, Abbie Benbridge, President of the Students’ Union at Lincoln College and now works as a chef at Lincoln City Football Club.”

Joanna Phillips Assistant Principal and careers lead for the academy said: “We would like to sincerely thank all the colleges, universities, employers and council for all their support of the careers event which was an integral part of Gainsborough week.”

Lessons were adapted to help students fully embrace Gainsborough Week.

In English students produced travel brochures/information leaflets about Gainsborough using a range of persuasive techniques. They also recreated Shakespeare’s classic play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the ‘fair town of Gainsborough. The opening scene takes place inside the walls of Marshall’s Yard.

In Spanish, Year 7 and 8 students and have created promotional material in Spanish focusing on Gainsborough.

Parent Mr Alex Lovely said: “Truly inspirational. Great array of colleges and businesses, with excellent knowledge and information. My year 8 son has already decided what college he wants to go to and possibly his university too.”

Delegates at the event included:

• Representatives from Made in Gainsborough including AMP Rose and WEFCO
• Woodhead Construction Wilmot Dixon (Currently building the new crematorium in the district)
• Racetorations
• Gainsborough College
• Hull University
• Leeds University
• Bishop Grosseteste University