Hand In Dates Information

School News 24th Apr 2020

Good Morning all families

To provide improved structure to ‘hand in dates’ for work the staff at TGA will now be utilising the table below to avoid numerous subjects requesting work on the same days, which I am aware is causing some additional stress that can be avoided.

To reiterate we fully understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and also how your children work varies greatly.  The vast majority of our students are very hardworking but we also appreciate that families are also providing opportunities to learn in other ways such as supporting DIY, helping younger siblings and utilising nationally provided programmes etc. Therefore work we set will hopefully supplement what you are already doing and as such students will not be penalised if they do not hand in or complete all the activities. Staff will continue to set voluntary daily activities and competitions to complement more formal work.

The table is a guide for staff and is not meant to suggest students spend a single full day on a certain subject… we recommended that 3 hours per day of study is more than enough, with plenty of breaks and opportunities to exercise built around this. In my own household, we do the Jo Wicks exercise programme at 9 am then approx an hour on numeracy, an hour on literacy (alternated with Science) in the morning then more practical subjects like art, technology in the early afternoon.. and free time after that – which normally involves the Xbox! Many of my staff are following a similar pattern and we also have good days and not so good days.. teaching your own children is much harder than teaching someone else’s so we are fully aware of the challenges parents are facing at the moment and are very grateful for all the support you are offering.

If your child is struggling with some of the work set please encourage them to email their teachers (all email addresses available on our website), we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours to provide additional assistance. Or if you would like support from a subject teacher to encourage your child to complete work please also feel free to email teachers directly.

If you are concerned your child is not completing work in general or have any more generalised worries and would like additional support or a call home from their Head of Year or Tutor please email their Head of Year directly – you can also call the main reception number and leave a voicemail – these will be picked up wherever possible but please allow 48 hours for a response.

We are sharing information from our local FE establishments with pre-learning activities on and we encourage Y11 to keep researching future course subject areas as well as revisiting English and Maths revision to keep their minds sharp and prepared for their next steps.

I hope this is helpful and will help alleviate some of the additional stresses at this current time.

Keep well and keep safe.

Anna Leng