Lincolnshire Police – E-Scooters

School News 28th Jun 2021

Lincolnshire Police have recently seen a significant rise with the problem of E-Scooters and are currently trying to engage and educate people who are using them illegally on the road. 👇

E-Scooters are illegal on public roads (including pavements). The only exception to this is where there are government trials ongoing, with rental schemes in some areas, but under tight restrictions – Lincolnshire is not included in the trial. 

The Police can seize E-Scooters where it is deemed appropriate and necessary by any Officer, as they would with any off road bike or quad bike that is being used illegally on the roads without insurance. The Officer will follow the same process that they would when seizing any vehicle by the way of S165 powers (SOCAP).

If this happens, the owner of the E-Scooter will then need to prove ownership (by way of receipt), produce photo ID and make payment for the recovery charges and any storage.

The simple message is that it is legal to own an E-Scooter, whoever, they can only be used in a private place and not on a public road or footpath.