Multi Agency Day

School News 8th Jan 2019

Multi agency day 18th December

On the 18th December year 10 students were involved in a MAD day learning about   Drugs, awareness                                Road Safety                        Internet safety                 Antisocial behaviour                      Healthy relationships                    Careers  

Staff from all agencies involved in the Multi-agency day with the year 10’s mentioned how engaged and involved the students were, giving their thoughts and opinions in every subject area and behaving respectfully towards all. The staff also took part which was great in encouraging the students to become involved even more.

Andy Payne Stay Safe Partnership & Tobacco Control Co-ordinator said ‘This is the first multi-agency day we have delivered at Gainsborough Academy and we are very much looking forward to coming back and working with other years. Keep up the good work! 

Students found all the sessions very informative and interesting with lots of lessons for life.