Provision from 1st June

School News 21st May 2020

We are very busy making plans to accommodate face to face learning for our Year 10 students from June 1st. This will be by invite only as the welfare of all staff and students is our main priority. Households will receive letters next week. If you do not receive a letter students must NOT arrive on the 1st of June. Any student arriving at the Academy without a formal invite will, unfortunately, be sent home again as we must follow very tight procedures and are limited to numbers we can safely accommodate.

Invited students will be slowly introduced back into the building starting with a 2 hour face to face ‘Option’ lesson on week 1 and building up over the next 3 weeks to 4 sixty minute lessons on average per day. Initial priority groups will be students with over 90% attendance who have also not had any significant behavioural concerns/incidents.

Please be aware the Academy can NOT provide school transport directly to any student however the Local authority may be able to support based on the following conditions:

  • your child is in Year 10 and you plan for them to return to school from 1st June 2020 if agreed by the school; *and*
  • they are normally entitled to transport; *and*
  • you cannot transport them

The following contact details should be used to support transport, not the Academy directly: by Friday 22nd May 2020. Those without access to email should call 01522 782020.