Questions of the Week! – W/C 11th Jan 2021

School News 12th Jan 2021

Each day of the week, we asked you a question and here are the pick of the answers so far!

Q – what skill would you like to master and why?

  • If I were to master any skill, I’d choose to master either driving, persuasion or public speaking because at some point in my life either of these skills will be helpful to me.  (Tori, Year 11)
  • A skill I would like to master would be to be able to go into a clothes shop and know how to not want to buy everything I see that I like. (Catherine, Year 8)

Q – where would you like to travel to and why?

  • I would like to go to Hawaii. Its a place I’ve always wanted to go, the beautiful waters and beaches are definitely somewhere id rather be right now. (Sky, Year 9)
  • If I could travel anywhere it would probably be somewhere like the Caribbean islands where there is a clear ocean and white sandy beaches.(Catherine, Year 8)
  • There are multiple places I would like to visit, like New York, Greece, California ect. But the main place I would love to visit is Paris. Pictures people have taken of Paris shows amazing landscapes and the food there is amazing. This is a place I would love to visit with my friends, to see all the breathtaking monumental sights, for example, the Eiffel Tower, I can just imagine me and my friends taking pictures at the top of the tower as the wind blows past us. This would surely be an unforgettable experience. I would also like to sleep in a luxurious hotel, where we will receive the best room service. If I am to travel this sure will be the first place I visit. (Jessica, Year 11)
  • I would like to travel to Spain so that I can test out my Spanish skills. (Isabelle, Year 8)

Q – When would you like to have lived in history?

  • I would have liked to live in either the Renaissance, Tudor or Ancient Roman periods. I chose the Renaissance as during that time many art pieces were created and many medical discoveries were made, this means that day-to-day life won’t be that bad. I chose the Tudor period because I find it interesting, plus as I know a lot about this time period I would inevitably know what will happen, which could make me survive a lot longer. Finally, the Ancient Roman era, because I would love to see a show at the coliseum. (Tori, Year 11)
  • I don’t think I would have liked to because now there are so many ways I can access things that I need to know and learn. I live for now not in the past (Sky, Year 9)
  • I would not like to live in history but I would like to live somewhere in the future because of all the cool things that would be invented like robots. This would mean that my life would be easy because my robot will do everything for me like a servent that I don’t have to pay. It could also be my roommate and my best friend. So that will be very cool to have a robot as a best friend. If I did own a robot I would call it Deric because that is what everyone calls me. (Eric, Year 11)
  • I don’t know what time I would like to travel back to a couple of times when the women use to wear beautiful dresses that made them look amazing! (Isabelle, Year 8)
  • I would have liked to live in the 1680s because that was when pop music was created. (Catherine, Year 8)

Q – Who is your favourite Sports Personality, past or present and why?

  • My favourite sports personality is Alex Scott.  She has shown me that if you really want to do something you can. She has been a footballer and now presenter in sports. (Sky, Year 9)
  • I’m not much of a sports fan, but if I were to choose a Sports Personality that would be my favourite  I would choose Serena Willams, winning 23 Grand Slam singles titles and even former No.1 in Women’s Tennis. The reason why I have chosen her rather than any other Sportsperson is because I am a fan of tennis. (Tori, Year 11)
  • My favourite sports personality is Lewis Hamilton because he is a very talented person, he isn’t a sore loser, he drives a Mercedes which is one of why favourite makes of cars and he encourages his teammates. (Catherine, Year 8)

Q – which is your favourite day of the week and why? 

  • My favourite day of the week is Saturday because it is the first day of the weekend which means I can relax without thinking about the next day being a school day. (Tori, Year 11)
  • My favourite day is Saturday. It’s normally my football day but at the moment it’s my day of doing nothing. (Sky, Year 9)
  • My favourite day of the week is Friday because after school has finished I can have a film night and stay up late because I don’t have school the next day, I also like waking up on a Saturday and knowing I have hardly anything I have to remember to do. (Catherine, Year 8)