Questions of the Week! – W/C 4th Jan 2021

School News 8th Jan 2021

Each day of the week, we asked you a question and here are the pick of the answers!

Q – What is your New Year’s resolution?

– My New Years resolution is to try my hardest like always so that I do well in the future. (Isabelle, Year 8)

Q – What makes you happy and why?

– I am happy when I am with my friends and family or when something good happens to someone and it changes their life. (Catherine, Year 8)

– When I get to bed, its happy place where I can just lay and relax and forget anything that is bothering me. (Sky, Year 9)

– My friends make me happy because they are always positive and make me feel better when I am sad. Also they are always making me laugh when and when we are not doing work! (Isabelle, Year 8)

Q – What is your favourite song and why?

– If I were to say what my favourite song was I would say stronger by the score because it has good bass. (TJ, Year 8)

– My favourite song is Shake it off by Taylor Swift because it is so happy and it just makes you want to get up and dance. (Catherine, Year 8)


Q – Would you rather be 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late?

  • I would rather be 20 minutes early because I may be waiting a while but at least I am not late. (Isabelle, Year 8)
  • I would rather be 20 minutes early because then even though you are early you won’t miss anything and you will be more organised and prepared. (Catherine, Year 8)