School Rules

  • Pupils must wear plain black shoes that have no logos or decorative elements. Trainers are not allowed.
  • Pupils can wear belts but they must be plain black with no studs or decorations.
  • School shirts must fit properly and must have a top button, polo shirts are not acceptable
  • Plain black full length tailored trousers or knee length skirt.
  • A single watch may be worn and only 1 pair of small stud earrings are allowed.
  • Mobile phones and smart watches, if seen will be confiscated.
  • Extreme haircuts are not allowed. It is the School’s discretion as to what constitutes ‘extreme’ but usually involves shaven pattern heads, multi coloured or unusually coloured hair.
  • Make up should be discreet and minimal.
  • False nails that are deemed to interfere with school work or create Health & Safety concerns are not allowed.
  • Outdoor clothes must not be worn inside the classroom.
  • Pupils can remove their blazers in class with staff permission but must have their ties and top buttons fastened. Shirts must be tucked in whilst in the building.
  • Blazers can be taken off whilst outside the building during break and lunchtime periods.
  • Blazers must be worn at all times in the school building when not in lessons. During the summer term, at the principle’s discretion, blazers do not have to be worn.
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