Helen O’Brien CEO Wickersley Partnership Trust
Anna Leng Acting Principal anna.leng@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Matt Boucher Assistant Principal (SEND) matt.boucher@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Donna Marsh Assistant Principal (Behaviour & Attendance) donna.marsh@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Sarah Carton Acting Assistant Principal (Data & Assessment) sarah.carton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Joanna Phillips Assistant Principal (Student Development)  joanna.Phillips@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Cheryl Douglas Head of Year 7 cheryl.douglas@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Mandi Lee Student Progress Manager Y7 mandi.lee@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Mike Snaith Head of Year 8 michael.snaith@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Jade Marshall Student Progress Manager Y8 jade.marshall@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Amy Croson Head of Year 9 amy.croson@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Jade Marshall Student Progress Manager Y9 jade.marshall@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Mark Plaskett Head of Year 10 & 11 mark.plaskett@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Lee Hoggarth Student Progress Manager Y10 & 11 lee.hoggarth@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Nicola Devine Safeguarding & Welfare Lead Officer nicola.devine@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Lynne Jones Safeguarding & Welfare Officer lynne.jones@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Joanne Cooper Teacher of Art joanne.cooper@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Anita Gledhill Director of English anita.gledhil@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Barry Hutton Teacher of English barry.hutton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Jane Laird Teacher of English/Head of KS3 English jane.laird@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Nick Whitton Teacher of English nick.whitton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Mark Plaskett Teacher of English mark.plaskett@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Jo Ward Teacher of English (with responsibility for KS4) jo.ward@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Alex Bolton Teacher of Geography alex.bolton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Nick Stephenson Teacher of History nick.stephenson@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Callum Brown Teacher of Humanities callum.brown@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Deborah Burgin Subject Lead of Health & Social and Childcare Deborah.burgin@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Cheryl Douglas Teacher of PSHRE  Cheryl.douglas@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Kyle Cooper Teacher of Geography  kyle.cooper@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
ICT & Computing
Mike Snaith Teacher of IT michael.snaith@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Gary Wynne Subject Lead of ICT & Business Studies gary.wynne@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Sarah Carton Assistant Principal sarah.carton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Lauren Cook Teacher of Maths lauren.cook@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Grant Baily Teacher of Maths/Acting Head of Department grant.baily@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Joe Kilshaw Teacher of Maths joe.kilshaw@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Bryony Lockyer Instructor of Maths bryony.lockyer@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
David Miller Head of MFL david.miller@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Bekki-Ann Hoggarth Part-Time NQT of Spanish bekki.hoggarth@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Physical Education
Chris Mills Head of PE chris.mills@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Donna Marsh Teacher of PE donna.marsh@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Anna Leng Teacher of PE anna.leng@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Amy Croson Teacher of PE amy.croson@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Matt Boucher Teacher of PE matt.boucher@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Performing Arts
Megan Nicholson Head of Performing Arts megan.nicholson@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Sam Bocock Teacher of Music sam.bocock@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Rosie Edson Teacher of Drama rosie.edson@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Antonia Charlton Teacher of Science antonia.charlton@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Peter Callaway Head of Department peter.callaway@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Russell Shaw Teacher of Science russell.shaw@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Selena Eyre Science Supply selena.eyre@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Zoe Owen Teacher of Science zoe.owen@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Phil Korobka Director of Technology phil.korobka@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Emma Burley Teacher of Textiles & Product Design emma.burley@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Thomas Cawley Teacher of Design & Technology Thomas.cawley@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
Joanna Phillips Teacher of Food Technology joanna.phillips@thegainsboroughacademy.org.uk
As a trust, we understand how vital it is to keep frontline services, such as NHS, police, fire, and ambulance services, available to support our communities. With this in mind, please complete this google form, if you work for any of the above services. We will endeavour to provide onsite education to the children of frontline personnel.
Parental Front Line Staff Form