Student Leadership

In our drive to develop leaders of the future, we involve young people in making decisions about improving the Academy. Listening to students’ views on the Academy is really important to us and we do our best to take on their suggestions wherever we can so they feel their opinions are valued.

We encourage students to take on key roles within the Academy including involvement in:

  • Student President
  • Academy Council
  • Sport Leadership Academy
  • Peer mentoring

Our student leadership team comprises of the following students who were elected by students and staff.

Acting President – Jessica Nicholas

Acting President – Jakob Marrows

Acting Vice President – Tori Purchase

Acting Vice President – Kai Spencer

Year 11 Student Ambassadors

Kamil Spiszock

Bethany Myskiw

Peter Davie

Regan McCulla

Year 10 Student Ambassadors

Oliver Bradley

Judd Manson

Tori Purchase

Jessica Nicolas

Year 9 Student Ambassadors

Ollie White

John Brocklesby

Ashdon Bernard

Owen Hunt

Year 8 Student Ambassadors

Ryan Baldock

Imogen Metcalfe

Kai Isard

Jayden Harker

Year 7 Student Ambassadors

Ezel Erdal

Keely Hollingsworth

Liam Boswell

Dakota Rands