Religious Studies and Social Studies

Overview of KS3: Social Studies

Social Studies combine Citizenship, Religious Studies, Sociology and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). The aim of this broad programme of study is to ensure that all students are given opportunities to develop healthy and informed attitudes in terms of their own personal development, their relationships with other people and the world in which they live.

Assessments is through a number of pieces of work and then completed with an end of unit exam. These assessments test both knowledge and skills to enable pupils to gauge their progress and identify areas to focus on.

 Year 7

Study a Social Education programme which is a mixture of PSHE and RS which covers areas; wellbeing, ultimate questions, personal development, global issue and the world of work.

Year 8

The topics in Year 8 continue to build on what the students have been taught in Year 7. The topics studied once again include a mixture of aspects of PSHE and RS, The topics studied in Year 8 include; emotional health, diversity, government and democracy, wellbeing and finance

Overview of KS4: Religious Studies

The AQA specification A GCSE Religious Studies course is a full GCSE studied over 2 years. The course comprises of 6 units which are examined in 2 papers taken by students at the end of Y11. The examination makes up 100% of the marks. There is no coursework.

Paper 1 – Students will study.  Religion

Paper 2 – Students will study. Ethical issues

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)

There is a strong focus on ethnic diversity and understanding different cultures. The introductory unit explores and helps students to understand diversity and accept different perspectives on family, education, and society.

The students are able to reflect on their own beliefs in regards to societal norms and behaviour while understanding that different cultures may value other factors while still respecting British values. Students also learn about the British education system, the British legal system, our system of government and democracy and how these institutions have shaped our values.