Face Coverings at TGA

School News 27th Aug 2020

Following the government’s decision to allow students and staff to wear face masks in secondary schools in England, students are free to wear face masks in school should they wish. If students do wish to wear face masks, they can be worn in communal areas such as corridors. However, current advice does not recommend that students should wear their masks in lessons and we expect students to follow this advice.

We will not be providing masks, so if your child wishes to wear one, please source disposable or washable masks before their designated start date:

– Wednesday 2nd September – Year 7 and 11 students re-join the Academy
– Monday 7th September – Year 10 students re-join the Academy
– Wednesday 9th September- Year 8 students re-join the Academy
– Monday 14th September – Year 9 and Alternative Curriculum students re-join the Academy

We will be in touch on Tuesday 1st September with a reminder of specific arrangements for our return to school.