Welcome Year 7!

School News 2nd Sep 2020

Message from Mrs Leng:

“Wow! I am so impressed with our new year 7s… what a change from 6 months of homeschooling to first day in secondary. I can’t wait to get to know you all better as the weeks go on. All the teachers have commented on the hugely positive impression you have made and are a credit to your families.

TGA will only continue to grow and flourish as these young people continue in their journey.”

Message from Miss Douglas and Mrs Lee:

“It’s been fantastic to welcome the Year 7 students into The Academy today. Despite the unusual circumstances their behaviour and attitude have been outstanding, they have made a really positive start on the next part of their journey. Well Done Year 7!”

Message from Mr Boucher:

“I thought the year 7s were excited and enthusiastic when in lessons and at break time. It was obvious they enjoyed being at TGA and by break 3 they felt comfortable and at home. Staff commented on how much they had enjoyed teaching them and they looked forward to their next lessons. A really positive start for Year 7 on day 1 at TGA.”