Y7 Pledge Assembly

Pledges 28th Jan 2022

All this week Mr Shaw and Mr Wilson are refocusing our minds on the TGA Pledges in assembly.

Key messages about the Pledges …

  • By completing a pledge you will be provided with new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain in confidence and grow as an individual and as a ‘team player.’
  • Together the attributes and skills developed throughout the Gainsborough Pledge aim to make you be aspirational about your future, your abilities and drive you on to great things.
  • They are essential for your future being the success it deserves to be.
  • Pledges encourage you to get involved in a wide range of different activities in school and outside school.
  • You will gain a wide variety of new and exciting experiences which will increase self-esteem, raise confidence, make you feel ‘good’ about yourselves.
  • They inspire you to have drive and tenacity; to stick at a task; to understand how to work towards long term goals.
  • You will gain valuable life experiences and skills to help you progress to further study and an exciting career, putting you on a path to success.
  • They help shape you to become more prosperous, well-rounded young adults.
  • Above all, pledges help you to have a more valuable and enjoyable experience at school.