Visit the language learning website – Work through numbers, food and sports. Have fun!

British Council Challenge – Complete the challenges and keep evidence to show your teacher in September.

Monopoly – Fill the board in for a Spanish speaking country which is not Spain. Fill it in, decorate it and hand into your teacher in September. There will be prizes for the best ones.


Book Review – For each book, you read, complete a book review.

Creative Writing Piece – Our first text will be the play script ‘Our Day Out’. Research life in the 1970s and compare it to the 2020s. Start looking at planning a piece of creative writing based on ‘Our Day Out’.

Travel Brochure – Create a travel brochure about Gainsborough or a place that they have visited.

Food Technology

Design a plate of fruit and/or vegetables to look like an animal or bird. Take a photo.

In September we will judge the best and give out prizes. Good Luck!


Transition Knowledge Organisers – Useful guides to help you recognise some of the things you might learn in Maths!

Numerise – Secondary Ready – Secondary Ready is a free course within Numerise that is designed to prepare Year 6 learners for starting Year 7 in September.

Design & Technology

Design a wand task – You have been commissioned by SMYTHS Toy Store to Design and Make a wand that can be sold in the run up to Halloween. The design needs to be creative and original but can take inspiration from the Harry Potter franchise. The finished product will need to look professional as this will be the prototype to show off your designs.


Research how science has changed something that they are interested in. This could be how science has changed video games, or how science has changed how we care for our pets or the food we eat.