Year 6 Transition Information

Welcome to the Gainsborough Academy

Transition events are working differently this year.

Online meetings are taking place between Year 6 classroom teachers, Year 6 children and key staff at the Gainsborough Academy.

We have sent Transition Forms home to allow your child to tell us their friends, favourite subjects, hobbies and future aspirations to help us plan for their start at the Academy.

We also have Transition activities on the website for Year 6 to help them start their learning journey with us.

Admissions Booklet

If your child is coming to the Gainsborough Academy in September we will need their background details. If you have not completed the paper copy of the Admissions Booklet please contact the Academy Office using the email below to complete this form. It includes sections on emergency contact details, medical information and GDPR. The form should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Experience the Gainsborough Academy – Virtual Tour

We invite you and your child to take a virtual tour of the Gainsborough Academy! We hope it will help show the Year 6 children around the school facilities and recognise parts of it when they arrive.

Calling all Year 6 Students! Questions and Answers

We know that your children probably have lots of questions about secondary school! What can we do at break time? What bus number do I catch if I live in…? Who do I speak to if I’m worried about something…? Y6s can ask us anything!

Please submit any questions using the link to the form below and we’ll answer your queries.

Whos Who – An introduction to key staff at The Gainsborough Academy

Miss Douglas, Head of Year 7

“Hello, Year 6. I’m Miss Douglas and I’m going to be your Head of Year in Year 7 when you join us at the Gainsborough Academy in the new term. We may have met already during an online meeting with your Year 6 Teacher but I am excited to meet you in person and introduce you to the exciting learning opportunities you’ll experience when you start with us.”

Mrs Lee, Student Progress Manager

“Hi, My name is Mrs Lee, and I am the Student Progress Manager for year 7. My job is to help to settle you into school along with Miss Douglas, who is your Head of Year. I will be happy to help and support you with your everyday life in school from finding your way around, to helping to sort any concerns that you may have and ensuring that you succeed and have the best time possible in school.”

Mr Boucher, Vice Principal/ SENDCo

“Welcome to the Gainsborough Academy Year 6! I hope I have met many of you already through our working with your Year 6 class teachers and I am excited that you are soon to start the next step of your school career with us! The Gainsborough Academy has lots of new opportunities for you to work hard at and take pride in. Whether you love Performing Arts, Maths, being creative, English, Sport or academic study we know you will enjoy achieving success at TGA. Dream big and believe in yourselves!”

Key Contact Details

Miss Douglas – Y7 Head of Year –

Mrs Lee – Y7 Student Progress Manager –

Mr Boucher – Vice Principal/ SENDCo –

Mrs Boote – Assistant SENDCo –

Miss Devine – Safeguarding and Welfare Lead Officer –

Department Transition – An introduction to key departments at The Gainsborough Academy

Transition Video – ADT

Transition Video – English

Transition Video – Geography

Transition Video – Headteachers Introduction

Transition Video – History

Transition Video – Maths

Transition Video – MFL

Transition Video – PE

Transition Video – Performing Arts

Transition Video – Science

Transition Video – SEND

Transition Video – Social Science

Transition Video – Student Council

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