Year 8 Options – Parents’/Carers’ Evening

School News 25th Feb 2021

Tonight, parents and carers of year 8 students are invited to attend an options evening led by Headteacher Mrs Leng. The evening will give parents an insight into the options process that all year 8s are going through to pick their faculties and subjects for the next academic year. 

There will be three main assemblies delivered by Mrs Leng at 5pm, 5.30pm and 6pm, which will include a presentation talking through the process, the year 9 core curriculum and the options that students can pick – as well as advice for students and parents when it comes to finalising option choices. 

Following the main presentation from Mrs Leng, faculty sessions will run every 15 minutes. This gives parents/carers and students the chance to virtually chat to faculty leaders about the subjects and to see if the subject is a good fit for the student. These talks have been booked via Google Hangouts and each 15 minute slot will have a welcome talk, a short video and time allocated for Q&As. The link for these meetings will be emailed to your child’s student email address. 

Next step:

After the parents’/carers’ option evening, the Google Form will be sent out to all year 8 students’ email addresses – this is what the students will complete to request their options. Videos from the faculty leaders will be published, which will give an overview of the faculties, as well as the options booklets explaining the faculties in more detail.

“You are in the driving seat for your future. Others can help and guide you but ultimately you create the future you want through belief, hard work and more importantly, dreams and goals of where you want to go.” – Mrs Leng