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Globe Theatre Trip with Y9

On Monday the 20th March, a group of Year 9 Drama students were invited to the Globe Theatre in London to watch the Deutsche Bank Theatre’s version of The Tempest. The students are currently studying The Tempest in Drama so it was a great opportunity to watch some live theatre! 
The students set off at 7:30am and were very excited to go to London. Before the performance started, they had the opportunity to pop into the Tate Modern Museum next door. The students were particularly excited to walk across the same bridge that was in a Harry Potter film! 
The play started at 2pm and we were all very lucky to have the best seats in the theatre! 
Well done to the Year 9s on being a great audience during the performance. Over the next week we will be holding a competition for the best live theatre review and the best photo of the stage.
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