“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


The Gainsborough Academy is an 11-16 school in Lincolnshire with 670 students on roll.
We consider ourselves to be a genuine comprehensive school, catering for students of a wide range of abilities, needs, aspirations and backgrounds. The school is part of Wickersley Partnership Trust (WPT), a growing family of like-minded secondary and primary schools.

At The Gainsborough Academy, we want all students to leave able and qualified to play their full part in the world. This means that we want each student to start their lives equipped with not only the qualifications, in terms of GCSE grades, but also the skills and attributes that they will need in order to deal with the challenges of life beyond their time at school. We know that we are at the start of an exciting journey towards excellence and that this will only be possible with persistent hard work, high standards and a culture of respect.

At The Gainsborough Academy, we place a non-negotiable emphasis on our core values and ethos, which we refer to as ‘The Gainsborough Way.’ The Gainsborough Way allows us all to promote and model our key personal attributes that characterises us as a school and allows our students to develop their independence, their responsibility, and their resilience. It defines who we are and what we stand for at The Gainsborough Academy. It ensures you are able and ready.

We are committed to ensuring all students experience success and have the best educational experience possible. Our core business is teaching and learning through an innovative, broad, and challenging curricular and extra-curricular offer, including our Gainsborough Pledge. Our high challenge, low fear school climate that we all invest in so heavily provides students with the right environment to be the absolute best they can be in everything we do.

Our ethos is simple – ‘we would never do less for other people’s children than we would do for our own’. My staff and I are dedicated to ensuring The Gainsborough Academy is a school that our community can be proud of.

Mrs R Skelton


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