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TGA Proud Podium

Last weeks Proud Podium celebrated 37 students. Staff are able to nominate students for the Proud Podium who have done something which they should be proud of in aspect of their school or wider life. Students then send postcards home to let families know what they have been nominated for. 

Maisie Swinton9
Hannah Davison9
Kye Haines10
Keegan Reed10
Keaton Gray7
Paige Fraser7
Barnaby Woolley 7
Joshua Casenueve7
Antony DuRose8
Josh Weavers11
Lexie Parker11
Molly Tanswell7
Amber Snellings9
Megan May Breslin9
Jennifer Weight8
Josh Blakey7
Oliver Seymour7
Dexy Mclaggan7
Alfie McCann Wood7
Jess Sims7
Sydney Irving7
Rhys Dobbie7
Brandon Smart10
Finlay Scarborough10
Dylan Johnstone9
Jim Lewis9
Sheya Williams9
Maisie Swinton9
Ebony Plant10
Maddison Merrills8
Beaux Scarborough7
Elliot Owen7
George Green7
Ebony Plant10
Lennon Horwood10
Alfie Farrow10
Sofia Baker9
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