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IET STEM Faraday Challenge

In January, 36 students from 5 different secondary schools battled it out to be crowned Champions of the IET STEM Faraday Challenge. Students from Gainsborough participated in the challenge, representing the school in this STEM event.

By taking part in the IET Faraday Challenge Day, the students received an Industrial Cadets Challenger Award for completing a hands-on problem solving and critical thinking activity. Industrial Cadets is run by the EDT (Engineering Development Trust) and works with UK employers to create a talent pipeline and a future skilled workforce, whilst helping young people to develop the skills they need to enter industry with confidence.

After a series of group tasks and a final presentation, the overall winners were crowned awarded a trophy for their school and added to the school league table. Winterhill School were the winners for this event on this occasion, but we wanted to say a big well done to our students for showing resilience and determination during this event.

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TGA Proud Podium

On the last day of term before Easter we held our final Proud Podium of the term. Eighty students were recognised for their achievements including

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