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It’s Not OK Week

It’s Not OK Week 🟢 11th – 15th March 2024
This week in school we are focusing on “it’s not ok” linked to e-safety, consent and healthy relationships. Students will be exploring the different topics through the stories of characters who face some of these problems. We are using the excellent resources and advice of the NSPCC.
Students will explore diverse topics through personal stories, such as Mikey’s journey with emotions and Leanne’s experience with E-safety. We encouraged dialogue and engaged in activities to facilitate discussions on various subjects.
We’re dedicating this time to raise awareness and promote the importance of safeguarding and protecting young people. It’s about fostering a safe, supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to speak up against any form of abuse or neglect. 💬
“It’s not OK week has given staff and students an invaluable opportunity to explore issues faced by many young people within society. Our students have been able to consider the ‘real life’ impact of these challenges as well as delve into coping strategies and sources of support. These lessons will be crucial for their future.” – Cheryl Douglas 
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