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TGA Proud Podium!

At last weeks Proud Podium, we had a number of students nominated for the first time. It is always great to recognise the many achievements of our students, well done everyone!
Proud to be TGA

Lexie Dickinson8Fantastic work in RE Assessment
Grace Barnard9Ability to apply learning to case studies independently
Kallie Blakey 8Incredible work in Pe and amazing team leading setting a great example to all
Bradley Burgess8Great work in Drama and a really great piece of work created for Frankenstein
Jace Jordan8Great work in Drama and a really great piece of work created for Frankenstein
Daniel Spittle8Great work in Drama and a really great piece of work created for Frankenstein
Izobel Crawley8For great work in Drama and being a great role model to a new student in lesson and helping them throughout
Ro Farrow8For a brilliant first lesson in Drama with amazing confidence
Caleb Long7Excellent work in Drama, works well with his group
Brooke Bryant10Excellent work on her C1 performance
Willow Eames10Excellent work on her C1 performance
Emily Leak10Excellent work on her C1 performance
Brandon Smart10Excellent work on his C1 performance
Henry Postlethwaite9Excellent contributions in drama this year
Rowan Pickering7Excellent work in Music
Saffron Stark8Excellent retrieval of Romeo and Juliet quotations
Benson Brocklesby8Awesome attitude and excellent analysis of Lady Capulets grief
Georgia Haddick7Making excellent notes during teacher demonstration
Devin Lazenby7Always giving 100% in IT lessons
Oscar Stockdale8Great debugging in Small Basic
Carter Rosser8Great debugging in Small Basic
Goodluck Ojo8Great debugging in Small Basic
Dylan Frost7Always giving 100% in IT lessons
Oliver Rowlands7Outstanding BRAG TASK
Leo Pearson7Outstanding BRAG TASK 
Billy Joe Wilks8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Mia Purvis8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Una Kemp8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Jace Jordan8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Isabel White8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Charlie Hall8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Lucy Bew8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Warren Green8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Olivia Dziwota8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Bradley Burgess8Excellent result for PSHE assessment
Brandon Aisthopre9Excellent performance, finishing 3rd position in the latest chess tournament
Dhruv Patel9Excellent performance, finishing 2nd position in the latest chess tournament
Zane Cozens11Successfully defending his chess title
Lewis Anderson Dawson9Excellent performance, finishing 4th position in the latest chess tournament 
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Proud to be TGA

TGA Proud Podium!

Last Friday, we celebrated our weekly Proud Podium. Well done to all the amazing students who were nominated! Proud to be TGA ⭐ Morgan McLaughlin

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