How to appeal

We will tell you how to submit an appeal in your offer letter.
You must clearly state your reasons for your appeal and, if possible, provide any supporting evidence.
You must put your child’s name on anything you send us, so we know who it is for. You can submit more information later. If we do not receive it by the deadline, we may not consider it.


Timetable for offer dates and appeals

Secondary schools Primary schools
National offer day 1 March 2021 16 April 2021
Deadline for an appeal to be received Noon 29 March 2021 Noon 17 May 2021
  • We may blank out other people’s faces or personal details on documents you send us.
  • We will hear appeals made after these deadlines but they may not be with others for that school.
  • Some schools organise their own appeals and may use different dates.

For more information regarding the admissions process please view our Admissions Policy on the policies page.