KS3 (Y7 & Y8)

We will be teaching the new GCSE assessment skills from the start of Year 7 to ensure that students understand the expectations at GCSE. These skills are describe, explain and analyse as well as source skills. They will be assessed using a range of these skills through small end of unit tests. Some of the topics taught in Year 7 and 8 will be tasters of the units delivered in KS4 to ensure students have a foundation of knowledge for GCSE. Most homework tasks will be revision, again to ensure that students are fully prepared for the skills required at GCSE and beyond in further education.

Year 7

The topics that we will be studying in Y7 are; Ancient History (Greeks and Romans), Normans and the Medieval period.

 Year 8

In Year 8 our focus is Civil war, slavery and WW! Which leads into the GCSE


Y9-Y11- GCSE

Year 9 students will be starting to study the new 9-1 GCSE specification. They will begin the course by working on key skills, revision techniques and exam format.

The topics that we will study are Crime and Punishment through time with a case study on Whitechapel (Jack the Ripper), The USA Conflict at Home and Abroad (Civil Rights and the Vietnam War), Anglo Saxon and Norman England and Superpower relations and the Cold War.

There are two exam papers for the new AQA GCSE qualification.

Paper 1 Understanding the modern world

Explores the history of the American West, expansion and consolidation 1840-1895 and events leading up to to the First World War, conflict and tension 1894-1918. This consists of a written exam 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  It is out of 84 marks and is 50%

Paper 2. Shaping the nation

Explores the options of the history of medicine through Health and the people c1000 to present day and Norman England c1066 – c1100. This consists of a written exam 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  It is out of 84 marks and is 50%

We have sourced the best revision guides for the course and can buy these through school for students at a heavily discounted rate. It is an expectation that all students who choose History as an option at GCSE should purchase these guides. We offer fortnightly revision sessions after school, especially from the start of Y11 but independent revision is vital for student success on this course. The revision guides will make student revision more effective and efficient.

 SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)

Our History curriculum contributes significantly to SMSC and British Values. For example students complete personal research about their own history to complete a personal timeline and family tree. This helps them to learn about their own heritage, and how British society has changed over time.

Students also learn about invaders and conquerors, including a wide range of cultural influences that have shaped our culture, heritage and identity. We examine how the Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans have all influenced place names, law and order, clothing, housing, language and government.