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In House Cross Country Results

Over the past few weeks, pupils have been taking part in the house cross-country event in school.

The results are as follows;

Year 7
1st- Beckham
2nd- Farah
3rd- Adams
4th Neville
Year 8
1st- Adams
2nd- Neville
3rd- Farah
4th- Beckham
Year 9
1st- Farah
2nd- Beckham
3rd- Adams
4th- Neville
1st- Adams
2nd- Beckham and Farah
4th- Neville
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100% Attendance Half Term 1

In Half Term 1, 178 students have demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to their education by achieving 100% attendance! 🏆📚 Your determination to show up

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