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Student Voice at TGA

At The Gainsborough Academy, we’re on a journey to improve our school, to raise aspirations and ensure all children leave ready and able to play their full part in the wider world.

As part of this, last week Mrs Skelton held several student voice sessions with various groups of students, chosen at random. Students were treated to a free school meal which they enjoyed while they discussed the school. As part of the sessions, Mrs Skelton asked students to identify three stars and a wish – three positive aspects of life at TGA, and one thing that they would improve.

Three Stars

Students put forward lots of things that we’re happy to have recognised as positives, such as the inclusiveness in lessons, the availability of subject specialists such as in languages, and the range of activities on offer at break times, such as sports clubs and chess club.

A Wish

As wishes for things still to improve at Gainsborough, students had some thoughts here, including the amounts of litter around the site. One student mentioned that at times corridors can be crowded, making it difficult to get from one area to another. Mrs Skelton asked if a one-way system might help the situation. It was also identified that the bike sheds on site are in need of an upgrade – something that we’re happy to say is already in the pipeline.

As part of the student voice meeting, students were asked if they thought behaviour had improved compared to this time last year, of which the resounding answer was ‘yes’. Students also asked if instances of bullying had also reduced, which again was a ‘yes’.

Students were then asked if they could identify the 5 areas of British Values and if they could list the protected characteristics, and all students really excelled in this pop quiz.

Thank you to all students who took part in the student voice sessions. Your opinion is important to us, and we’re working hard to improve the student journey here at Gainsborough.

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