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TGA Proud Podium

On Friday we held our weekly Proud podium where we celebrate with students the things that they have done which they should be proud of.
Since September 50% of our students have been nominated for the proud podium. Students are able to keep copies of the photographs within their Proud packs.
Kyle Johnson7Helping another student who was feeling unwell
Jaxson Birkett7Fantastic piece of Art homework
Georgia Haddick7Fantastic piece of Art homework
Danielle Bradley7Fantastic piece of Art homework
Abbie Lansdall7Fantastic piece of Art homework
Layton Stevens7Fantastic contribution to answering questions in Art
Abbie Lansdall7Fantastic contribution to answering questions in Art
Bailey Nicholson7Fantastic piece of Art homework
JJ Wileman7Fantastic piece of Art homework
Connor Roberts7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Molly Tanswell7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
George Jackson7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Ethan Kirkham7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Ruby Carter Cassidy7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Lacey Ellise Martin7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Ella Morrison7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Lily Seymour7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Josh Blakley7Excellent result in PSHE assessment
Thomas Smith10Excellent presentation relating to ‘Starting Nursery’ in Childcare
Tommy Farrant10Amazing effort in BBC presentation
Ebony Plant10Amazing effort in BBC presentation
Ella Grocock10Amazing effort in BBC presentation
Olivia Dziwota8Excellent effort when learning to play the ukulele
Carter Rosser8Excellent attitude to learning, excellent peer mentor during music
Oscar Stockdale8Excellent demonstration when playing ukulele to improve other pupils understanding
Mollie Hind7Excellent contributions to discussion during RE, sharing ideas
Ruby Beaumont7Excellent homework in RE, completion of POD task
Lucy Anne Bew8Excellent attitude to learning in PSHE, focused during assessment
Barnaby Woolley7Great effort and presentation in Geography and History
Alex Bainbridge8Great behaviour in all Geography lessons
Warren Green8Fantastic verbal contribution in Geography
Zachary Bidwell8Fantastic effort in Geography
Isabel White8Consistent effort in Geography
Luke Edis7Great answers in Geography and History
Jessica Fallon8Fantastic effort and engagement in Geography
Lewis Hindley7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Ella Brewer7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Keeley Brown7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Oscar Wheater Hart7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Cara Bristow7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Megan Fisk7Showing maturity in IT lessons
Ruby Carter Cassidy7Showing maturity in IT lessons
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Proud to be TGA

TGA Proud Podium!

Last Friday, we celebrated our weekly Proud Podium. Well done to all the amazing students who were nominated! Proud to be TGA ⭐ Morgan McLaughlin

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