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The Gainsborough Aspiration Project

As part of the mission to improve the educational outcomes for all students in Gainsborough, we’re taking part in The Gainsborough Aspiration Project, run by Angie Waplington. The project will see leaders from across Gainsborough schools, including The Gainsborough Academy, join forces to agree on a shared vision, mission and strategy for education in the area.

The overarching aim is to form and maintain strong working relationships with other school leaders and professionals from across other public services to share knowledge and concerns, and ultimately provide better educational opportunities for all Gainsborough students.

The four key priorities for The Gainsborough Aspiration Project are:

Managing and raising school attendance

To achieve a coordinated and consistent approach to managing attendance, we will be working with partners such as Children’s Services, and Housing and Health to remove out-of-school barriers, with the aim of raising school attendance for all of our schools.

Strategising successful transitions and pathways to adulthood

We will also be working with other schools and educational settings in Gainsborough to create and implement a long-term strategy that promotes self-regulation, resilience, independence and life skills in our young people – providing them with a consistent and successful transition into adulthood.

Ensuring the curriculum meets the needs of all students and reducing the number of suspensions and exclusions

To raise aspirations and engagement, the project will ensure that we teach a curriculum that is ambitious and adapted across all subjects to meet the needs of all students including SEND and disadvantaged students.

Engaging partner agencies in the area to support the wider needs of families

By working closely with other schools in the area and the Family Hub, we will be able to better signpost families to appropriate services for their needs. In addition, we will work with partner agencies to better promote external activities/clubs for our students, to ensure that they feel safe in the community outside of school.

Since our Ofsted inspection last year, our school and Wickersley Partnership Trust have been working tirelessly to improve the quality of education, opportunities and outcomes for our students at The Gainsborough Academy.

With the continued implementation of The Gainsborough Way and our Pledges, along with our new Proud to Be TGA initiative, we believe that this project will be another fantastic opportunity to further develop our offering and help us on our journey to improving our school – not only for our students but for the local Gainsborough community.

Rachael Skelton, Headteacher at The Gainsborough Academy, said: “It is really exciting to be working in such close partnership with other schools and agencies in Gainsborough to ensure that our young people have the best opportunities and are able to leave able and qualified.”

Angie Waplington, Project Manager of The Gainsborough Aspiration Project, said: “The key to the project’s success is closer and more effective working with partner agencies and organisations to remove out of school obstacles. Schools in Gainsborough are becoming much more outward facing; there is a real sense of integrated community working developing. This more holistic approach can only result in better outcomes for our children and young people, and their families.”

We look forward to getting started with The Gainsborough Aspiration Project – we will keep you updated as we progress.

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