“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

TGA Proud Podium

On Friday we held our weekly proud podium. It is amazing to see students celebrate the things which they should be proud of. This week we were able to celebrate the students who represented the academy at the Christmas Lights switch on as well as students who have shown amazing effort in lessons and those that have helped others. #ProudtobeTGA  Evie […]

Proud Podium!

This week was another bumper week as over 90 students were nominated for the Proud podium. A number of the students have this week been nominated after taking part in student voice activities during quality assurance visits to some departments this week. We hope that you enjoy getting the postcards your students send home after […]

TGA Proud Podium

Fridays are the leadership team’s favourite day of the week as we get to celebrate the amazing achievements of so many of our students.  Each Friday we hold the weekly Proud podium and make Proud phone calls home. Last week we had 96 students nominated for the Proud podium and 29 students nominated for a Proud phone […]

TGA Proud Podium

On Friday we held our weekly PROUD podium. It is always an amazing experience to talk to our students about the achievements which they should be proud of. Each week staff nominate students for achievements which range from improved attendance, to brilliant work. to helping a friend or an achievement from outside of school. Over 40% students […]

Proud to be TGA

The last Friday of term, we held our weekly Proud Podium where over thirty individual students were nominated by staff for a range of positive reasons. All of the casts for The Addams family were also recognised for their amazing performances during the week. #ProudtobeTGA  Alfie McCann Wood 7 For him doing and completing the sponsored walk […]

TGA Proud Podium

On Friday we held our weekly Proud podium. Staff nominate students who have done something which they should be proud of. It is amazing to hear all about our students achievements during the week and to celebrate these with them! #ProudtobeTGA  Brooke Young Y9 – Continuous hard work in English Melih Ceddi Y10 – Fantastic effort […]

Proud Podium 29th September 2023

On Friday we held our weekly proud podium, Staff  nominated students for a wide range of reasons and students were able to talk about these when they came to have their photograph taken. After having their photograph all students send a postcard home to explain why they were nominated, we hope parents are enjoying receiving these. Last weeks proud podium […]

Proud Podium

Last Friday we held our second proud podium of the term. Students have been nominated by staff for something which they have done that they should be proud of. These can be achievements in and out of school. Well done to all of last weeks students.  Freya Hunt 7 Always doing things to be helpful in form, […]

Proud to be TGA

On Friday 8th September we held our first proud podium of the new academic year. Students nominated for the proud podium were: Liam Boswell Y11 Giving everything a good go at Ulley Anthony DuRose Y8 Giving everything a good go at Ulley Mia Berridge Y10 Giving everything a good go at Ulley Cody Glen Y8 Winning […]

Proud Podium Launch at TGA

On Friday we held our first proud podium lunch. Students were nominated by staff for activities and work where they should be proud of their achievements. Students had taken risks for example walking over Loose Hill, had shown that they could work hard and shown that they were prepared to make mistakes. Well done to […]

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